The Mozi Media Group offers quality community websites for artists and photographers. Using our unique content management system, our websites cater to the hobbyist or professional. Our websites allow members to sell their photography, and soon art, as well become paying subscribers with benifits.

Formed in the beginning of 2006, Mozi Media Group is a Limited Liability Company formed in Washington State—sunny Seattle to be more specific. Named after his childhood dog, Mozi Media is fully owned and operated by Cory R. King.

As of this update (February 27th, 2006) this website is pretty sparse, it's what happens when you buy domain names before you have website content. Someday very soon you can expect to find advertising information, contact information and a bit more detail about who the heck we are. In the mean time, you are best served going else ware, like the two websites we own. While you are at it, buy a t-shirt (and maybe a new shopping cart).

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For your enjoyment, we also offer this fine retro under-construction banner. You can party like it is 1995 all over again!

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